Make good – Bock´s developes Ostrobothnia

Building of Innocenter has started

Work with foundation has started and Bock´s Bazaar Innovationcenter is rising in height.

The concept is that the whole of EGTC region (0,5 miljon people and 100.000 students) Vasa-Umeå should benefit from the project. It will be The Place where digitalization (both automatization and disruptive functions) are implemented in workprocesses, transactions, logistics, adminsitrations, healthcare and education. The Center is helping companies, individuals and start-ups to conquere the world both physically and mentally. We are also going to identify the potential in modesty and substance of lifestyle in villages.

We honour words of creating new skills, new professions and we combine digitalization with AI (Artificial Intelligence). On top of technical performance we also include a big portion of Wisdom in our work and concepts – and Passion.

 Truly it is possible to argue that every bottle Bock´s beer and every Euro is devoted to develop Ostrobothnia. The project needs at least 3 milj Eur and new credits from bank.