The Original

At its peak Kultapukki was not only well known all over the country, it was also a source of pride for the city's residents. Although the original Kultapukki was discontinued in the early 1970's its legacy is still very much alive today. The countless stories of "the good old days" serve as a testimony to the importance of the brewery and the values and the strong sense of community it represented.



The re-born Kultapukki continues in its predecessors footprints in being a real peoples' beer! It's a no-frills, straight forward lager for everyone to enjoy. Just like the original, it's a given first choice for the dinner table, for parties or simply as a refresher in the sauna. Kultapukki is simply a beer that fits in every hand and every occasion- or as our brewer likes to put it: "it's a normal beer that tastes better, is drinkable and on top of all gluten-free!"


More than a beer!

Kultapukki is more than just a tasty refreshment. Every one bottle sold contributes directly towards the creation of the new Innovation Center in Bock's Corner. The Center will cater for ambitious individuals and companies and provide inspiring surroundings for true value creating innovations- innovations which compete on a global market in a digital world. Hence, Kultapukki is a True Ostrobothnian!

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