MakeGood VIT

Make Good! is a pledge to simply do what it says- to make good! For us it means that we strive to develop ourselves and our practices to an international standard, we work actively to develop the local economy and we support our community!

Best in Europe!

We strive to be the best in Europe in what we do. We compete in a global market and if we wish to retain our level of welfare all of our aims should be set at the global level. This is why we have invested, and will continue to invest, heavily in order to create unique surroundings, top-of-the-line manufacturing processes and world-class know-how in Bock's Corner.

Local Economy

All of us benefit from a thriving local economy and the best way to support it is by consuming locally produced goods and services straight from the producer. Aside from producing our own products (beers, ciders, coffee, meat etc.) and favoring locally produced raw materials, we also actively promote local produce though various venues. For instance, we regularly organize markets for local producers where participation is entirely free of charge, we have launched the "Thursday Movement" which aims to increase consumption of local products by 10€/pers. per week and we participate actively in the creation of the new Innovation Center in Bock's Corner.


We are part of the community we work in, hence, we want our work to have a positive influence on our community. We regularly organize events which bring people of all ages together- family friendly festivals, seminars, culture and art shows, the city's grandest fireworks on New Year's Eve etc. However, we also support local causes through different forms of cooperation (e.g. jointly organized fundraisers) and grants.

News & Projects

€35,000 in social contributions

Community - 12.2.2018

A total of €35,000 were paid out during 2017 in the form of various grants to individuals and organizations working with issues of digitization and the understanding of information.

Building of the Innovation Center has started

Local Economy

Work with foundations has started and Bock's Bazaar Innovation Center is rising in height.

The aim is that the whole of the EGTC region Vaasa-Umeå (0.5 millon people and 100,000 students) will benefit from the project. It will be The Place where digitization (both automation and disruptive functions) are implemented in work processes, transactions, logistics, administration, healthcare and education. The Center is helping companies, individuals and start-ups to conquer the world both physically and mentally. We are also going to identify the potential in modesty and substance of lifestyle in village-type settings.

We honor words of creating new skills, new professions and we combine digitization with AI (Artificial Intelligence). On top of technical performance we also include a big portion of Wisdom in our work and concepts – and Passion.

The project will cost at least 3 million euro and will require additional bank credit in order to be finalized. As Bock's is actively supporting the project every bottle truly counts towards developing the region!